Orbital Tube Welding

Orbital Tube Welding is our Specialty. We have more experience than any other Company, as we Invented this Process.

We build Simple Tube Assemblies to Complex Tubular Systems. We service Aircraft, Satellite, Nuclear, Electronic, and Commercial industries.

We possess the following capabilities:

  • Stainless Steel • Titanium • Inconel
  • .062 through 12″ diameter
  • .005 through .125″ wall
  • Buttwelds, consumable inserts, sockets
  • High Production and High Reliability with a Repeatable Process
  • X-Ray Quality
  • Small Envelope, Tight Areas
  • Incredible flexibility and fixturing
  • Close proximity weldments
  • Class 100 Clean Room Assembly Available
  • Custom designed weld helds and fixtures
  • Nadcap Accredited

When off-the-shelf welding equipment won’t do the job, Creative Pathways can design and build Custom Welding Systems for unique applications.

Complex Tubular System

Designed and patented by Creative Pathways.